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Mothersbond Post Partum Compression

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Please order the right size so that you feel comfortable in it.

Medium: Waist size is between 23 – 27.5 inches, and/or hip size is 33.5 – 38 inches
Large: Waist size is 27.5 – 32 inches, and/or hip size is between 38 – 43 inches
Extra Large: Waist size is 35 – 43 inches, and/or hip size is between 41 – 49 inches.

Helps if you had separation of my abdominal muscles as a result of pregnancy; It makes the swelling go down much quicker.
Made from non-itchy, breathable latex free material.
Doesn’t roll down; Stays snug where leave at.
It’s really easy to hook/unhook
Extra pressure from the garment helps hold large sanitary pads stay in place. This stops it from wadding up or moving around.
Light and comfortable- you can wear it day and night, all day, everyday
It is SEAMLESS under clothing, once they fit you well you can just pull them on and pull them down like underwear.
It supports your back and helps with posture.
Compresses belly, hips and pushes up the buttocks at the same time. It helps compress and slenderizes the body giving you a nicer shape.

Brand Mothers Bond
Age Range Mommy

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