Nestlé Cerelac Maize with Milk 400g

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Contains Bifidus.
For babies aged 6M+.
Immunonutrients: Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A & C.
Available in a 400g tin.

Nutritious, easily digested, maize-based infant cereal with milk powder. For infants from 6 months of age and is NOT suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.

CERELAC Maize is a simple cereal suitable for use as a first weaning food, which contains milk powder and. It contains key nutrients to help provide for your baby’s growing needs. CERELAC Maize is available in a 400g tin.

Goodness of Cereals

Cereals are the ideal foundation of a healthy cimplementary feeding diet. Each seving of Nestlé infant cereals provides essential nutrients baby needs to support his healthy growth and development, concentrated in a serving size ideal for his stomach. 

Ingredients: Whole maize flour, skimmed milk powder, sucrose, palm olein, acidity regulator: calcium carbonate; maltodextrin, vitamins, ferrous fumarate, vanillin, zinc sulfate, bifidus culture, potassium iodide. Contains milk. May contain traces of milk and gluten. 


Brand Nestlé
Age Range 6 - 12 months, 1 - 3 years

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