The best diaper brands you should use for your baby

The best diaper brands you should use for your baby

Babies can go through at least 700 diapers during their first three months so you have to change their diapers at least 7 to 9 times a day. Since your baby will pee and poop a lot, it is vital that you get the best diaper from reputable brands to ensure it does not cause any irritation or allergic reaction to your baby’s skin.

Take a look at the best diaper brands you should use for your baby below:

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy is the best diaper brand since it is eco-friendly. It is made from bamboo and 100% biodegradable materials. If you don’t want to pollute the Earth further but are not ready yet for cloth diapers, Andy Pandy Bamboo Disposable Diaper is your best choice. 

Also, Andy Pandy is hypoallergenic and antibacterial since it is not made of harsh chemicals so you won’t have to worry about any rashes or irritation on your baby’s skin. Another bonus is the bamboo’s thermal regulating qualities that make the diaper warm even when the temperature is cold. 


Specifically, Pampers Swaddlers are loved by many parents and hospitals since it is soft and flexible. It is made from breathable and absorbent materials so leakage will rarely happen. Also, Pampers Swaddlers also have a newborn feature where a cutout for the umbilical cord is made so you don’t have to worry about the diaper irritating your baby’s tummy.

Despite the special layers that prevent leakage, Pampers Swaddlers are thin enough to make your baby comfortable. It also has a colour-changing feature so you will quickly know when it is already time to change.


If you are on a budget, Luvs is the best brand for budget-friendly diapers. It is made from soft and highly absorbent materials. Many moms say that these diapers are as good as the premium brands when it comes to preventing leaks while helping them save a few dollars at the same time.

Beau and Belle

Beau & Belle prides itself on its reusable and adjustable swim diaper. You will only need one for the first few months of your baby. The outer layer is made of water-resistant fabric while the inner is made of soft polyester mesh that you can easily wash. This is useful for those who want to train their baby to swim and prevent embarrassing leaks in the pool. 

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