The ultimate shopping list for your baby essentials

The ultimate shopping list for your baby essentials

When preparing for your baby’s arrival, one of the most vital tasks you should do is to shop for all the essential things your baby will need. From choosing which brands to use to picking which products you prioritize, shopping for baby care needs can be daunting. 

Since the number of baby supplies available in the market can take any mom by surprise, Newbee curated the ultimate shopping list so you can know which one you should get first and ensure that your baby will get everything it needs. 

Check out the list below to discover what your baby will need right away and what you might consider getting for your baby in the future:


Your baby will need a safe place to sleep in so a crib is one of the most vital things you should get first. Keep in mind that your baby will sleep at least 16 hours a day so you might want to get the most comfortable crib as much as you can. Depending on the crib style and quality, you may use it for many years and can even convert it into a toddler bed.

Keep in mind that you must get the safest crib that meets all the latest safety standards so you should get a new crib instead of a hand-me-down or second hand.

Crib mattress

Get a firm mattress that will fit the crib perfectly. Make sure the mattress is always clean and does not have anything on its surface that can irritate or cause an allergic reaction to your baby’s skin. Also, a waterproof mattress is the best bet for babies since there may be times when you may come across leakages.


You won’t need multiple beddings since you won’t want your baby to feel suffocated. Just put several fitted sheets on the crib mattress you have chosen. As much as possible, avoid putting too many top sheets, pillows and toys to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) which often happens when your baby becomes suffocated.


A newborn baby can use a bassinet for its first few weeks but you can skip this item if you think a crib is already fine. There are many types of bassinets in the market with various designs and sizes that can easily fit in your room.

Night light

There will be times when you will be heading into the nursery during the night to feed your baby so having a night light is vital. Using a night light lets you move inside the room without having to turn on any bright lights. Also, as your baby grows, the dim light brought by your night light can provide them reassurance in case they wake up in the middle of the night.

White noise machine

A white noise machine produces a relaxing sound that can soothe and comfort your baby to help them fall asleep faster.


To moisturize the air around your baby, get a humidifier. It will help keep your baby comfortable especially if they have caught a cold or cough. Getting a humidifier will also depend on the location of your nursery. If the area is already humid, you do not need to get one.


Your baby’s clothes need to be stored somewhere safe and protected from specks of dust and insects. In most cases, the drawers or shelves that come with the changing table are enough to store all the clothes. You won’t need large storage since most baby clothes are small.

Rocking chair

A rocking chair or a nursery glider is the perfect place for breastfeeding or lulling your baby to sleep. The rocking motion the chair provides will also help calm your crying baby.


Your baby will always want something to suck even if they are not hungry so make sure you have a pacifier on your side. Get a few on hand since the size of the pacifier often makes it hard to find when missing. Pacifiers also come in various sizes so try to opt for smaller ones and see if your baby is comfortable with them.

Changing table

You will need a place to change your baby’s diaper and a changing table is a perfect place to do it. Changing tables have drawers and shelves where you can easily get things such as diapers, wipes and powder while holding your baby. Some types even come with a strap so you can secure your baby while preparing the things you need to change its diaper.


Diapers are one of the most vital things you need once your baby is born. The average number of diapers a baby consumes a week is 70 pieces so make sure you stock up on at least 2 weeks worth of diapers.

Wipes and washcloths

Wipes are used to clean your baby’s diaper area. Make sure you get quality and hypoallergenic wipes to avoid skin irritation. You can also opt for washcloths to wipe your baby’s diaper area and use them for cleaning your baby’s body during bath time.

Sleeping sacks or sleepers

Your baby will spend their first months sleeping so make sure you get them something comfortable to wear. Choose something that will cover your baby’s feet such as sleeping sacks or sleepers.

One-piece outfits

Most one-piece outfits have snaps between the legs which is a useful feature so you can have easy access to the diaper area if your baby needs a diaper change. Buy both short and long-sleeved onesies so your baby has something to wear for any climate.


Socks or booties should be your priority instead of shoes since your baby won’t need real shoes until it starts walking.


Mittens are great for cold weather and can also be used to prevent your baby from scratching its body or face.

Special outfit

If there is a special occasion, you will want your baby to wear something nice so getting a couple of special outfits will be nice. But make sure not to stock on too many outfits since your baby will soon outgrow them.

Baby bath essentials

Once your baby’s cord stump has fallen off, you will be giving your baby sponge baths so it is vital that you have bath essentials ready such as shampoo, soap, moisturizer and towel. You can also get a baby bath seat or tub to bathe your baby easier. Just make sure you get a size that will perfectly fit your baby.

There are a variety of mild shampoos and soaps that are specially formulated for babies. When it comes to moisturizers, your baby won’t need a special lotion but it is wise to get a bottle of non-perfumed baby lotion just in case there are dry patches on your baby’s skin.


There are many types and designs of strollers you can choose from such as car seat carrier strollers, full-sized strollers and travel systems. When shopping for a stroller, make sure the one you are going to choose can meet the latest safety standards.

Baby carrier

A baby carrier is useful to keep your baby with you while you move around. It also allows you to use both your hands while carrying your baby on your body. Baby carriers come in various types such as swaps, slings as well as front and backpacks. Always make sure that your baby is safely strapped and tucked on the carrier before moving around.

Diaper bag

You will need a bag that can carry all the essentials your baby needs when you are away from home. A diaper bag can come in various sizes and designs that are both stylish and functional, you won’t even look like you are holding baby gear.

Nail clipper

A nail clipper is vital to keep your baby’s nails clean and trimmed from time to time. This will also prevent them from getting scratches caused by sharp and long nails.

First aid kit

Your first aid kit should include items such as a thermometer, tweezers, ointment, adhesive bandages and petroleum jelly. Prepare at least two sets of first aid kits which you can palace in the car or your diaper bag and inside your home.

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