Top 5 food brands that your baby will love

Top 5 food brands that your baby will love

If you are a busy mom, there are times when you can no longer prepare homemade food for your baby. Luckily, there are plenty of baby food options in the market. However, it is vital that you choose only the best. Newbee will help you with that by providing you with a list of the top 5 baby food brands that will provide your baby with healthy and tasty meals. Check them out below:


Beech-Nut comes in recyclable glass jars that are available in natural and organic options. Its baby foods are made with simple ingredients with no added artificial preservatives. Some of its best selling baby food flavours are butternut squash and plum. The brand also offers chunky versions for older babies.

Plum Organic

Plum Organic products are made with various fruits, veggies and grains that come in BPA-free pouches. There are no added sugar and salts in their recipes so you can rest assured that their food is healthy. 


Gerber is a popular baby food brand and the company has started to make changes over the last few years by offering an organic line. You can now find Gerber organic products which always come in glass jars. Since the brand is popular for its fruit purees, you should try their prunes, pears and peaches purees.

Happy Baby

Happy Baby is another great option if you want to feed organic food to your baby. It offers a wide variety of foods such as kale, mango, spinach, peaches and chia seeds. Happy Baby’s products are made with quality ingredients with no artificial preservatives. You can start buying the small jars first then move on to their larger sizes as your baby grows.

Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm offers cold-pressed baby food stored in pouches and cups that you can easily find in the refrigerated section of major grocery stores. Its products have creative names such as ‘Magic Velvet Mango’ and ‘Wild Rumpus Avocado’. The brand also offers a variety of food stages so you can start with purees and move further as your baby grows.

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